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Welcome to the world of NYTC International Group (聂宋余 贸易机构). This website is a small example of what we can do and more importantly what we can do for you.
Over the last 50 Years NYTC has be serving companies and people across the globe in various different sectors of various different industries.
Our portfolio includes: NoiseStop Systems Singapore, NoiseBlock, NoiseBlock Systems Singapore, Singapore Soundproofing, NTC (Design) Studios, Holly Yu, J5 Construction, Werner & Nelson Renovation Materials, Global Acoustics and many more.

Our main business field is Renovation Construction, Soundproofing & Acoustics and manufacturing building and soundproof materials, Such as gypsum board, Rockwool, acoustic foam, and flooring.

We moved our main office to Singapore in the middle of our manufacturing plants which we have in Korea, Japan, China, Macau, and Taiwan. Our 2nd biggest office is located in Macau in China where our china side operates our 3 construction plants and our renovation and construction hub for the whole of our China Market.

No matter what size your budget is small scale or large scale we are committed to helping you achieve the best result with your money. This is all possible because of our unique ethical company structure core.
We know that in today’s world the profit margins of a lot of companies are very high and we cannot see how this is ethical to charge in this way. One of the reasons may be because of the massive rate of pay for the management level or other experts in the companies. NYTC is different in a way that people could not imagine; everyone in the company gets paid the same salary regardless of rank except that of the workers those are on a fixed pay system based on each day.
This method of pay recognizes everyone has a part to play in the company and remove the need to pay directors crazy salaries. This is a direct result of the price charged for work and such our prices are excellent value for money.