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Advanced Acoustics PTE LTD


The Good News Times

In near future this will be a newspaper venture with humanitarian aspects, the newspaper will feature only the good news and events happening locally and around the world.

The good news times website
The good news times Facebook Page


Jorvik Tech School

Jorvik Tech School is a private limited school aimed to access for people to learn of all ages. It offers paid and free education learning for all ages in technical fields of interest such as Information Technology, Graphic Design, Web Design, Computer Aided Design, Videography, Photography, Technical Arts, Sound Engineering, Solar Technology, Sustainability and much more.

Currently our learning program is a free workshop on the last Saturday of every month located at on the 6th story of our building. Where students can come in with their laptops and work away with our team of experts helping them their learning process.
We aim to start new course structure from September 2023 where we will be launching: (1) Introduction into web design, (2) Introduction into Photoshop (introduction into home electrical installations)


Co-working space @ Ubi Avenue 1,

Storage Space, Internet, Postal Address, Hot Desks, Desk Space, Cluster Group, Rooms.

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