About NYTC

NYTC International Group is an ever-expanding umbrella organization focused on supplying services throughout a large range of industries worldwide. Our range of services include:
Manufacturing, Construction, Renovation, Interior Design, Acoustics, Soundproofing, Noise Control, General Design, Graphic Design & Print, Web Design, Internet Marketing, SEO, Marketing, Importing and Exporting and much, much more.

NYTC International Group (Nelson Yu Trading Corporation) is the latest merger of the former Sung Enterprises Company NTC.
NTC has joined forces with Yu Industries to form the NYTC.
The specialization of manufacturing from Yu has made it possible for the latest range of NoiseBlock Noise Control products to be created.
The two companies now can manufacture and supply many materials and products for the building industry and at a very completive price.

The new Hub NYTC has many subsidiary companies under its belt including NoiseStop Systems Singapore, NoiseBlock, NTC Studios, Yu Construction, Holly Yu quality inventive consumer products and much more.

NoiseStop Systems Development
NoiseStop Systems was first launched in 2005 originally in association with the UK Firm. The creation of a branch in Singapore was in the hopes for mutual trade between the two companies could be established. Sung Enterprises registered the business name NoiseStop Systems Singapore later that year and launched a website. 20,000.00 Singapore dollars was invested in the building of the company and advertising.
Looking back it would have been better to call the name something different to ensure a less hostile ride.

Owner of the UK Side Stuart Browne was happy at the prospect of an alliance from east meets west and his plans were not only for Singapore but for Ireland as well. Sadly the Ireland Office never materialized as a result of lack of funding, interest and no stock to sell. Singapore was almost the same story but not quite. NTC was backing the startup and former employee Ned Nelson had joined them in Singapore to give the assistance they needed to recruit and train a local team.
The first problem for NoiseStop Singapore was the materials and the climate. The UK products were not able to be manufactured in Singapore because of the weather and so everything came to a standstill.
The UK Company was only interested in sending the UK products to Singapore but the price was too high for anyone to buy.
After some time it was clear that there was little interest from overseas which meant this was the end for Singapore NoiseStop.
No chance! Ned Nelson began to research and develop a new product range able to handle the harsh weather conditions and climate of South East Asia.
A brand new product range designed on a totally new concept and named NoiseBlock. NoiseBlock not only worked effectively in Singapore but could also work in colder countries too.
The Singapore Company kept the name NoiseStop Systems Singapore and didn’t look back since.
In the world of Noise Control NYTC now owns Singapore Soundproofing, NoiseBlock, NoiseBlock Systems and NoiseStop Systems Singapore.

The soundproofing products produced are some of the best-used products worldwide.
Construction & Design
it didn’t take much to see that soundproofing, renovation, and construction work hand in hand. In 2007 NTC Studios Design Company now part of NYTC started entered the Interior Design Industry in Singapore producing an Affordable solution for home and office. The company since have been working towards making more time to develop this side of the business and hope are working on the creation of the first apartment block in 5 years time.
As well as the above NYTC is also very well known for graphic design, print, SEO and the import and export business.
With so many different fields NYTC certainly is a very interesting company to follow.