NYTC: Journey In Years

NYTC International Group is an ever-expanding umbrella organization focused on supplying services throughout a large range of industries worldwide. Our range of services include. Manufacturing, Construction, Renovation, Interior Design, Acoustics, Soundproofing, Noise Control, General Design, Graphic Design & Print, Web Design, Internet Marketing, SEO, Marketing, Importing and Exporting and much, much more.

NYTC International Group (Nelson Yu Trading Corporation) is the latest merger of the former Sung Enterprises Company NTC. NTC has joined forces with Yu Industries to form the NYTC. The specialization of manufacturing from Yu has made it possible for the latest range of NoiseBlock Noise Control products to be created. The two companies now can manufacture and supply many materials and products for the building industry and at a very completive price.

The new Hub NYTC has many subsidiary companies under its belt including NoiseStop Systems Singapore, NoiseBlock, NTC Studios, Yu Construction, Holly Yu quality inventive consumer products and much more.