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Increasingly in today’s world, it has now become more necessary to deal with noisy neighbors Most existing properties and new builds have soundproofing materials in them but not enough to deliver the sound reduction that is up to your expectation until now.

Now that city’s are building in size sound is becoming more of a problem & now can have an impact on the quality of life.
More people now complain very much of the noise of highway, traffic noise, neighbors and the sound from external air con units. Also, many people find that their neighbor is playing music or using TV systems far too loud.
In fact, noise has become a pollution and unlike other forms of pollution once treated once it will go away and not return.
Soundproofing can be done in the home, workplace or even in entertainment areas like the Cinema, Bowling centers, Snooker halls, Malls, clubs and Karaoke bars.

NoiseStop Systems have taken the very best soundproofing products available and brought them all under one roof, to create the ultimate noise reduction products and systems. Therefore our customers have the advantage of knowing we can provide, exceptional quality tailor-made soundproofing solutions, for all their sound insulation needs.

All our prices are as low as possible, making your hard earned money go further. All our products are designed to offer a high quality, five stars, performance. We can help you to soundproof rooms, soundproof houses, soundproof ceilings, soundproof floors, soundproof industrial buildings, in fact, you name it we can probably soundproof it. We have a team of soundproofing engineers covering the whole of the Asia ready to help you solve your soundproofing problems.

Our systems are specially chosen to utilize a minimum amount of space in comparison to traditional methods.

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