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BESTBuild Pte Ltd

BESTBuild ‘Acoustic Renovation’ and General Renovation to European Standards is our building and renovation contracting arm of our organization. The company offers a very wide range of skills all under one roof at completive rates. The company carry’s out commercial, residential projects and government projects.

Their Services including:

‣ Carpentry and Joinery works
‣ Electrical Design and Installation
‣ Masonry Works:
Brick Layering, Concrete Formwork and Pouring, Rendering, Screeding, Tiling, Waterproofing, Plumbing, Plastering and specialist Coatings.
‣ Swimming Pool Design and Build
‣ Wall & Ceiling Works
Partitions, Plaster Ceilings, Decorative Ceilings in wood, metal or gypsum.
‣ Landscape Gardening


Singapore Airconditioning and Ducting Contractors

Singapore Airconditioning and Ducting Contractors

We provide ducts and air conditioning services for all kinds of environments, following are our list of services –

Soundproof Ducts
These ducts are a large cross section for sound to freely escape, regardless of the direction of airflow. They are also coated with soundproof and noise absorbing materials. Our HVAC installation is designed to ensure the thermal and acoustic comfort of a building’s occupants, use energy efficiently and comply fully with safety requirements.

Thermal Ducts
We provide ventilation systems with thermal insulation in order to restrict heat loss to surrounding areas. For financial and environmental reasons, it is important you reduce unnecessary heat loss in ducts that transport warm air. The thermal insulation in the building’s ductwork systems is one of the most significant factors to consider when attempting to reduce energy consumption in the building. We also take into account the building’s thermal load and its regulatory compliance.

AC Fan Coil Units (FCU)
We provide installation and maintenance of various types of AC fan Coil Units, in conjunction with our wide range of duct systems. The Fan Coil Unit consists of the cylindrical blower and the Cooling Coils stacked up above it

Classic Ducts
We provide various types of simple and classic Ducts which are hassle-free and inexpensive solution to HVAC systems

Venturi Cylinder AC Ducting
Venturi shaped duct which acts as an accelerator on tidal flows which pass through the turbine and therefore increase the energy that can be captured by blades of a given diameter. We provide custom build venturi ducts, installations, and maintenance.

Design & Build AC Installations
Our in-house experts have multiple years of experience in aircon installations in conjunction with various duct works. Thus, we are able to provide top of the line products and installations of Aircon and the duct works associated with them