We believe in Service to Help Others

A good deed each day, with request for others to reciprocate that deed in turn, makes the world a better place.

Our Efforts to do good

In our very core and embodiment of who we are as an organization; is people with a good heart, a good soul and the care to spread the message and gift of love in this world. We are a unified force for the better, regardless of race, religion, gender or ability. To mean a thing, is to do a thing. So we must be active in our goals to do good. Every year NYTC has a fund that is utilized for good causes to do what we can in a way that we can for a better world. The NFP Grant was set up by our founder to support projects that have come to our attention to ensure that they reach fruition without the need to sacrifice quality. 

Hedge Fund

Some projects or causes may exceed our own ability to provide adequate care, which means that we need to look outside for help from our friends and aligned thinking minds. Through our network we can crowd fund or hedge fund an opportunity to make it a reality.